Hey there!

And welcome to the Cheque List.

I hope you’re ready to either live vicariously through this blog, or actually live it. If you haven’t read the About section, I suggest you give it a quick read. As a person, I have always been interested in being better than before. This interest has lead me to read many books, do many things, apply new ideas, and grow as a person. One of the greatest things that I think people can do is find out something new about themselves. Go on a journey and face challenge. And thats exactly what this blog is about. Growing and learning.

The Cheque List is my own little monster that allows me to document all the different ideas, programs, and challenges that I (willingly) subject myself to in the name of progress. My goal here is to breakdown complex thoughts or daunting tasks that some people might be reluctant to start in the hopes that you can either find it in you to do it yourself, or apply it to another goal in your life.

The content focuses on four aspects that I think are really important to growing and learning: knowledge, health, reflection, and starting/doing. These aspects will appear in the cool content that is focused around book reviews, personal growth and management articles, blog posts about my working in a start-up, and these awesome projects I like to take on from time to time.

Here’s a little more info:

Book Reviews

I have an obsession with books. I have a lot more than I actually read (yeah, its bad). But, I’ve found that a large portion of what i know has come from these books that i am simply interested in. These books have a lot of important insights that I’ve applied to my life. While I wont be commenting on old books that I have previously read (for, now), I will be attacking a list of mostly NYT Best Sellers, but also some lesser known titles too.


A large part of my life is being aware of what I’m doing, and whether or not it is constantly in the name of progress. These little things can be generally boiled down to one point; have the best mind you possibly can. To me, this translates into “brain hacks” that might allow you to get one more task done, or push yourself to reach a goal you thought was way out of reach.

Work Blog

In this section I have my blog. The content will mostly be related to challenges of working in a startup, developing an entrepreneurial mindset, or other cool things that are happening during this time.


Within the projects section the aim is to document a journey and tell it like a story. You’ll see weekly updates on what ever it is that I’m doing with progress and strategies for ultimately achieving a goal. This section is part experimental part personal growth. The goal is to motivate you into starting something new that you have always wanted to, be it a skill, habit, or whatever happens to be in your interest.

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